Getting your own website is now a necessity for the success of most ventures. Being online not only increases your reach but also ensures that you stay in the competition. But not everyone needs to dish out a truckload of money and hire someone to create a website. Small businesses and individuals are better off making use of the services of white label website builders which give them the necessary tools to build and host websites without the help of a website developer. But before a person can do that he needs to have a basic idea about the best platforms that offer these services and the specifics. Today let’s take a look at one of the most efficient white label website builder platform out there today – SiteGalore. Knowledge about the advantages and disadvantages of this platform can prove helpful not only for potential users but also for web hosting providers and ISPs as well.

Site building tools

This is what most users are concerned about while enlisting the services of a platform. The ease of use and the availability of options are the main concerns for customers. And this is where SiteGalore scores high.

SiteGalore offers a good number of themes and templates and the range of choices keeps on increasing. The websites created using this platform are extremely mobile-friendly and can be easily accessed across platforms. The editor is extremely easy to use. It is easy to be a website builder reseller on SiteGalore as you’ve got plenty of handy options to work with. You got the custom page layouts option which most of the other modern-day website builders don’t offer. This feature helps the users to design each and every page of the website in a unique fashion. Be it a gallery, service or the contact us page, you can give each page its own unique look depending on the demands of your business. Moreover, building an e-commerce website is considered good here. Even though it isn’t of top standards, it does deliver at the much-needed points.


Premium Services

Free services are accompanied by ads and restrictions. Most service providers offer only a basic or limited amount of facilities via their free packages. Therefore the pricing and specifications of the premium plans become important from the point of view of a customer.

When it comes to SiteGalore, pricing seems to be less transparent. Pricing is personalised and depends upon the unique requirements of each website. Once you have listed out your requirements the platform returns with a quote. This seems to make the process a lag when compared with others. However, from the feedback that most users have provided on forums and other sites, SiteGalore does seem affordable when compared with the other available options. Moreover, the feature-set you get when opting for the premium services is a total value for money.


Security and Add-ons

SiteGalore offers a powerful admin control panel. SiteGalore is available in 10 languages. Another highlight of the platform is its dedicated support system which makes sure that your grievances and concerns are attended to in a time-bound and efficient manner. On this platform, your website is always backed up which means that during emergencies it is ready for being re-published. Advanced anti-spam and virus software add to the efficient security standards which are easily met. There are several add-ons especially Google-related widgets that add a great deal of value to the website building process. You have an in-built image editor to make edits to the image before adding them to the website.



SiteGalore is surely one of the best options available for building sites and can cater to a variety of needs. Web hosting providers and ISPs can utilise the facts that have been discussed above while they frame policies. I have also done an extensive analysis of Wix and Squarespace with respect to the same factors discussed here. Check out those articles too.