We are at that point in time where you have to be on the web if you need to succeed. Businesses large or small, cannot overlook the importance of having a website of their own and using it to their advantage. Website creating and hosting can be expensive and confusing. But as a web hosting provider, you can make both these factors easier for your customers. But how do you pick the right website builder platform for your customer? How do you include this white label website builder into your package and pricing? Let us take you through these questions with respect to Wix, the most talked-about website builder in recent times due to its effective online marketing campaigns.

White label website builders are generally classified based on their ease of use. There are certain reseller website builders which can be used by professionals alone. There are a few other website builders which can be effectively used by beginners or amateurs. Wix ends up somewhere in the middle. The setup process is pretty simple. You enter your basic details and answer a couple of questions related to your stream of businesses you are going to work with and then boom! You are all set. You are welcomed with a lot of templates that cater to the different industries. You even have templates that are specific to those looking for e-commerce websites. Pick the template that best suits your client needs and then you are good to go.

It is important to know how Wix fares with respect to four main factors – Site building tools, web hosting, 

Site building tools

When it comes to templates, Wix clearly cuts above the competition by offering over 500 templates for free. The page that welcomes you just after you have picked up the template clearly shows that Wix offers a wide range of features and customisation options. But the problem here is that all the features are clustered in a manner that might lead to confusion for those new to this website building business.

Technical skills are definitely not needed and anyone can create a good enough site provided they get a better enough understanding of the tool. The one major flaw that is associated with Wix is that once your website goes live, you won’t be able to change the template. A few alignment issues and the load time when switching between pages while editing is sure a letdown.


Premium Services

Premium services can be availed on payment and these take away a lot of the restrictions that are associated with free services while offering additional facilities. Ads and pop-ups will be curtailed and more server resources will be made available to you. Wix offers a number of premium packages that are tailored for different businesses and requirements. Video minutes are also provided incrementally. Storage space and bandwidth increase along with additional features and apps such as Google Analytics, Site Booster App, Logo and so on. Wix can be a bit expensive at times when compared to the competition but when it comes to meeting the needs of the high-end customers, it does exceed expectations.


Security and Add-ons

Wix has a larger global footprint and it goes without saying that they invest a great deal in maintaining quality security. If you are expecting a large deal of traffic to your site and require a high degree of security, then Wix would be a great option. But what is it that Wix provides as add-ons for users to capitalise on? The single most important factor that strikes first is the ability to create a different version of the same website for mobile. This comes in really useful when you want mobile users to have a different view of your website.


What’s in store for ISPs?

ISPs generally provide a lot of goodies for their subscribers. So, how effective will it be if they can provide Wix as a goodie? For all beginner level designers, this could be highly useful. But if your subscribers are looking for a white label website builder with lots of advanced features, then it might not suffice the requirements. On the whole, ISPs and web hosting providers can make the most out of Wix but for a limited set of target groups.



These four points aren’t alone the deciding factors when it comes to picking the website building platform for your web hosting or ISP business. Even if the above points are ticked, factors such as being able to accommodate this website builder within your package, finding the best fit for your target segment and the range of flexibility are other critical factors that need to be kept an eye on. We have just done a thorough analysis of Wix. But there are other platforms such as Weebly, Squarespace and SiteGalore that are equally competent platforms. Let us analyse these platforms in the upcoming blogs.