A thorough teardown is much needed before zeroing on the best white label website builder platform for your reseller business. A few important aspects such as Page Rank and SEO-Friendliness are overlooked when it comes to picking a website builder reseller platform.  But these missed factors might result in lost opportunities for your business. Having SEO-friendly features right out of the box is a key feature to look out for. While there are several website builders who provide plenty of designs and templates to work with, their lack of SEO-friendliness can take a big hit at your business.

If you have used Google Page Speed Insights earlier, you would understand the importance of the Desktop and Mobile score for your website. This score is extremely important from an SEO standpoint. In case you are new to the concept of SEO, SEO is what helps your website grow organically in the Google Search engine results. But for the benefits of SEO to be fully realised, you first need to have an SEO-friendly website. 

Working on a website builder for reseller platform that provides SEO-friendly templates and designs has become a must-have for resellers. Whenever they build websites for clients belonging to any industry type, they are confident about the SEO-friendliness of the website. They no longer have to rely on manual tweaks to make the website SEO-friendly. Now, in this digital era, there are very few companies that shy away from online marketing techniques. This makes working with website builders offering SEO-friendly templates all the more interesting. 

Statistics suggest an average user waits not more than 5 seconds for an entire website to load up. Be it the images and the text in the entire site, it should load up within this time limit. Exceeding the 5-second is just going to provide a business opportunity to the competitor. The page speed of a website is therefore important. Obviously, Google’s site builder helps build sites that have faster page load times. But then, can you handle the website requirements of the modern-day clients? That’s a big question mark and a big no to the majority of the functionality addition scenarios. Even a major player like Wix struggles in this regard. Wix is associated with the slowest page loading times. In case you haven’t heard about SiteGalore yet, maybe you should now. I haven’t been an ardent user of SiteGalore but I have explored most of its functionalities. The SEO-friendly nature of the websites that you build, the large array of design templates, personalisation and goodies have impressed me a lot!

PageSpeed score is an important parameter that contributes to your site’s SEO-friendliness. The PageSpeed score is calculated based on a variety of metrics, and they sum up it into a 0-100 score. Please note that a score of over 70 is ideal. When working on a platform like SiteGalore, all the websites that you create for your customers are going to be SEO-friendly and will better complement their SEO efforts. This is eventually going to help you rise up the Google ranks with SEO efforts that are far minimal when compared to your competitors. Here are the PageSpeed scores of two sites that were created using SiteGalore.

Are PageSpeed scores alone enough to measure the effectiveness of a private label website builder? Well, PageSpeed scores are important and there are a lot of other features and options that need equal attention. Let us take a detailed on other factors influencing decision making on website builder for reseller programs in the upcoming blogs.