There are a lot of quality white label website building and hosting platforms out there today. People are increasingly taking to these options in order to go online, whether it is with there business, blogs or even events such as marriages or birthday parties. But how do you pick a site builder which can give you the greatest ease and the best quality?

Today we take a look at Wix and Squarespace, both major players in the field of white label website building. A glance at the performance of these two with regard to their site-building tools and related options can be useful for zeroing in on a platform based on one’s needs and preferences. 

 Getting started and finding your way

 With both Wix and Squarespace you can get your website up and running from scratch in a matter of minutes. With Wix, this can even be done on your mobile phone albeit with limited features. If you need more editing you would have to take to your PC.

Navigation on Wix is just like taking a walk in a fun-filled park. You can find everything and do everything with ease. Even with a complete lack of technical know-how, you can build the most wonderful site on Wix. All you need is a bit of creativity and a taste for design. Even those who do not possess these skills can build a good quality site with Wix. At the outset, you will be able to pick from two options – picking a template or starting with more customisation. The first option will allow you to list your requirements following which Wix will provide you with a basic yet attractive website fulfilling your needs. 

When it comes to Squarespace, navigation is definitely not a walk in the park. Someone who is not really good with gadgets would definitely find it hard to figure out what’s going on should he find himself building a website on Squarespace. You will definitely need to put in more effort here. You can pick a template which suits your needs and start off. 

 Themes and Templates

 You can get a template for any need on Wix. There is also the option of getting a blank template and building from scratch. There are more than 500 plus templates and many beautiful themes from which you can pick. The platform’s templates are capable of giving your website a professional look. 

 Squarespace does not fall behind when it comes to presentability. There are a number of themes that you can pick from. However, you will not find as many options as you did on Wix. 

 Building your site and additional features

 Wix is basically the definition of drag and drop. You can build your site with minimum effort and maximum freedom. Adding pages, features, text etc can be done with just a few clicks. An app market with more than 250 top quality applications adds more power to website building via Wix. Most of these apps offer significant features for free as well. Customer chat, feedback features, event functionalities etc can be added to your site with the help of these apps. 

 On Squarespace, you will need code injection to get in more app-like features. Over here you would find a grid system and editing would take quite a few clicks. There is nothing similar to Wix’s App Market here and the quality of additional features are not as good as on Wix. 

 SEO, Support and Analytics

Both platforms offer dashboards and help you get an idea about your site’s performance. SEO optimisation tools and suggestions are also present. Again we find a clear user-friendly tilt in favour of Wix. Step-by-step suggestions for improving your site’s ratings, listing it on Google, improving each page and constant up-gradation tips can be availed. You can also avail the services of Wix personnel to further improve SEO for you. 

 Squarespace offers you a more detailed framework to improve SEO for you. Even though this might be a tedious read for a rookie, putting in a bit of time for this can help you improve your website’s SEO prospects.

 Wix provides support via email and there is a healthy turnaround time. But there are always limitations with email mode support. Squarespace, on the other hand, gives you live chat support. Its replies to queries are also more detailed and really effective. Here we find Squarespace of possessing an edge over Wix. 

 Wix seems to outplay Squarespace on most grounds especially if the user is an amateur. However, both platforms offer interesting options and vary when it comes down to the specifics. 

 So that’s my analysis of Wix and Squarespace and I hope that it would help you pick the site-building platform which is most suitable for you.